Saturday, September 12, 2015

August 29, 2015

We're back and we have great news about an art exhibit we are mounting in October. We hope you are as thrilled as we are... both to be back and to be exhibiting. We'll waste no more time but get right to the art. As you can see, we used our break for inspiration. And we seemed to want to paint in series, too. Whether we traveled to exotic destinations (Hawaii) like Susan....

...ventured even farther afield, like Hector (doesn't this look very Star Trek?)....

...or just did a staycation and visited cool local sites like Ken, we found inspiration in our surroundings.

Abla begins to sketch a lakefront vista....

 ... and Bill finishes his. We like this even better with the softer treeline.

We also are fascinated by the people around us. Bill sketches his grandson below, playing an adult size guitar.

John also sketches people, even though his are characters in a story.

Madeleine finishes her painting of her grandchildren, carefully focusing on the faces, while stylizing the background.

Inspired by a visit to the Botanic Gardens, Madeleine paints and sketches a dahlia and waterlilies.

Sara, too, paints the fruits of summer. Again, the radish is beautifully modeled against a more abstract colorful background.

In a similar vein, Isaac paints a single perfect cherry against a dramatic background...

Before moving to a whole bowl of cherries in sparkling crystal. Wow!

We haven't forgotten the fauna, either. Glenn's birds are beautifully composed.

And Mohammed's polar bear sketch can't help but make us smile.

Keep watching this space for news about our October show. It'll be at Truman College and we'll have an opening reception and fine art and all kinds of wonderful things. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.